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Dazed & Bussin

Welcome to the start of this adventure!

Ever since Brooke and I bought the bus it is almost like we have been in a Daze. The amount excitement we have felt has been completely poured into our designs, construction, and plans for future travel. This Daze is something we plan on carrying with us throughout all of our journeys with happiness, good vibes, and all of the people we meet along the way!

Some Questions we were asked early on

Why did you buy a bus? - Brooke and I love to go hiking and camp throughout the year. This bus will allow us opportunities to travel more and save money along the way. Money often used for hotels and airline tickets are now going to be put towards more enjoyable expenses.

Why not a camper? - School buses are some of the safest vehicles on the market because they were designed for kids. Our bus was purchased directly from a local school district and regularly maintained. Building the bus ourselves allows us the opportunity to personalize it.

Stay up to date on our build!

We are currently wrapping up demo and look forward to being able to build!

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