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Sometimes you just know...

Right person - Wrong time

We are starting to get a following on this page other than friends or family, so Brooke and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves and give others the opportunity to hear our story and how this all came to be. Brooke and I have known each other ever since about 7th grade. We started out as friends who would talk on the phone and tell jokes to each other. A few years later we dated for the first time. I remember going to the Fair together and then later on in the year Fright Night. The relationship only lasted for about 8 months and resulted in us talking on and off throughout high school. For me, there was always feelings there and I knew I didn't want anyone else in my life but sometimes it truly it right person, wrong time.

This is a photo of Brooke and I at The Fair the first time we dated. Definitely Check out the "Brooke<3" Henna Tattoo on my arm.

Brooke graduated high school early and went off to do her own thing in Miami, I finished high school a few years later and headed to Cazenovia to attend college and continue playing lacrosse. At this point, we didn't talk at all and were just two people living two separate lives. I never thought there was a chance we would talk again. My junior year of college Brooke and I started to talk and reconnect as friends with no expectations of becoming a couple. Sure enough a few months later we were dating, and have been ever since. After I graduated from college, we moved in to our first place together in Syracuse, NY where we live with our dog Bentley, and three cats, Finn, Orange, and Bailey. I knew back in 8th grade I had the right person, It was just a matter of when.

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Congratulations kids, continue living life to the fullest🥰

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